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The Spirit of Tours to Puno

Tours to Puno, We have the great satisfaction of offering you a specialized and personalized means of consultation, which we have developed taking into account the concerns and requirements of our clients who seek to know the most detailed of their trip to enjoy Lake Titicaca. Our goal is to provide you with the most complete information for the preparation of your next visit to Lake Titicaca.

Private Services and Transportation Tickets

  • We provide private transport services Comfortable, safe and reliable to different destinations to people who want to know destinations such as: PUNO – AREQUIPA – CHIVAY – CAÑON DEL COLCA – CUSCO – URUBAMBA – KASANI – COPACABANA – DESAGUADEO – LA PAZ – ORURO.
  • Permission to transit nationally in Peru.
  • Comfortable seats for passengers + panoramic windows + 180 ° reclining seats.
  • Certificate of Compulsory Insurance of Traffic Accidents SOAT and Insurance Policy.
  • Oxygen & first aid kit.
  • Professional bilingual Spanish / English and trained drivers (zero tolerance, first aid).




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